Great Decisions 2016 - The UN Post-2015

by Stephen Browne and Thomas G. Weiss

Great Decisions 2016 | Topic 6: The UN's post-2015 development agenda and leadership

This article appears, with seven other foreign policy topics, in Great Decisions 2016, published by the Foreign Policy Association:

Abstract: On the eve of the international organization’s 70th birthday, the United Nations stands at a crossroads. This year marks a halfway point in the organization’s global effort to eradicate poverty, hunger and discrimination, as well as ensure justice and dignity for all peoples. But as the UN’s 193 member states look back at the success of the Millennium Development Goals, they also must assess their needs for its Sustainable Development Goals—a new series of benchmarks, which are set to expire in 2030. With the appointment of the ninth Secretary-General in the near future as well, the next U.S. President is bound to have quite a lot on his or her plate going into office.

This article is available to read in full on the Foreign Policy Association's Great Decisions website; or please download in pdf.


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