Whither Post-2015 UN Development?

by Thomas G. Weiss and Stephen Browne

This article is published as part of Fridays With MUNPlanet, and its special series dedicated to world politics and the United Nations. Stephen Browne and Thomas Weissco-directors of Future UN Development System (FUNDS) Project at Ralph Bunche Institute for International Studies in New York write for MUNPlanet about the challenges that lay ahead the post-development agenda.  They argue that "the UN system must cohere more, and its components must cooperate not compete. A strong centre of strategic direction is needed," and that "the SDGs will be toothless without adequate monitoring to embarrass non-compliers."

Read the full article in MUNPlanet here: Whither Post-2015 UN Development?

Authors: Stephen Browne and Thomas G. Weiss are co-directors, Future UN Development System (FUNDS) Project, Ralph Bunche Institute for International Studies, the City University of New York’s Graduate Center. They are the editors, most recently, of Post-2015 UN Development: Making Change Happen? (London: Routledge, 2014) 


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